A web portal with real information
about dating clubs.

A web portal with real information
about dating clubs.

The first comprehensive information web portal about the reality of dating clubs.

  • 交際クラブブックマーク交際クラブブックマーク
  • 交際倶楽部恋路交際倶楽部恋路

The only web portal about dating clubs from the women's perspective

Just in Tokyo, there are around 30 to 40 dating clubs, if you include small clubs this number will go even higher. With all these clubs it's hard to know what are the good ones. Because this is a narrow industry, there aren't any large guide books. So the only way get information about it, is from web portal on the internet or from a friend's experience. In this web portal we have users review from people who are currently using or are registered in an club, to provide the most accurate information.

Generally, the dating club is paid for men but free for women. Because of that, clubs are actively giving information for men, while information for women stays scarce. As a result, a woman without a friend's experience, having no helpful information around her, will join an club based on the website's look or "the large/long-stablished club". Do you really think that you will luckily encounter an club perfect for you ?

I joined a large club, but there were so many women that I don't receive any setting invitation
The website was beautiful, but when I went to the office for an interview, it was gross ! Am I in trouble ?
You will be introduced to men earning more than 100 million yen" was said in the interview, but in reality only came men earning around 10 million yen.

Recommended Dating club

Recommended Dating club

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  • 六本木・西麻布交際クラブ


  • セーシェル


  • FunTimeTokyo


  • 赤坂MyWay


  • 交際クラブ大和撫子


  • 交際倶楽部ニューウェーブ


  • 都内最高級を誇る交際クラブ・デートクラブ


  • ユニバース倶楽部


  • 東京交際倶楽部


  • コンソラトゥール


  • ハートクラブ銀座・赤坂


  • ガレンド


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You can choose the dating club that meets your preferences.

With the cooperation of people who have actually used it, we have a genuine ranking system containing various topics that others want to know before joining a club. Our users' votes directly affects the ranking, so making sure that there is no fraudulent behavior, is one of our distinctive features. If you are using a dating club, please do cast your vote ! A single user cannot repeatedly vote for single club which prevents club staff from interfering, resulting in a more realistic ranking.

Please do not post malicious content.

In order to provide a more precise information about dating clubs, please do not post malicious content. We will take appropriate measures if we find any disinformation or random facts written to damage the reputation of clubs, especially from those working in the industry. Aiming to provide the most accurate information, we ask for your comprehension.

Recommended Dating club

  • ザ・セレンディピティ東京ザ・セレンディピティ東京
  • ハートクラブ銀座・赤坂ハートクラブ銀座・赤坂
  • コンソラトゥールコンソラトゥール
  • セーシェルセーシェル
  • 六本木・西麻布交際クラブ六本木・西麻布交際クラブ
  • 私のあしながおじさん私のあしながおじさん

Recommended Fine Dating club

  • 銀座ワンアンドオンリー倶楽部銀座ワンアンドオンリー倶楽部
  • 麻布シークレットレディ麻布シークレットレディ
  • 渋谷交際クラブ渋谷交際クラブ